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Why Choose Love Tea?

Why Choose Love Tea?

I’m a tea lover! 
Although I haven’t always been..
Intuitively I felt there was something wrong with every supermarket tea I tasted. A foreign taste that was unpleasant and should not be ingested, that didn’t make me want to finish a cup ever!

Can you relate?

My curiosity led me to explore why this healthy habit, did not feel healthy to me at all.

Do you know what’s in your ‘tea’.?

Steeping a single plastic teabag in heated water releases 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics. Also adding fluorite compounds, arsenic, aluminium, copper, lead and mercury, (to name a few)
to your daily tea drink. All harmful and toxic.
If teabags were natural, why would they take 100’s of years to break down?

How did this herbal, healing, spiritual drink become a disguised health hazard… when originally tea was a herbal medicine. Created by native indigenous tribes, who were naturally in tune with the land. Making them ONE with the spirit of all plants, intuitively they understood natures healing abilities.
A herbal knowledge that through time has been forgotten and taken from the ancestors who discovered it.

Tea is a universal language.
A ritual to connect souls, warm hearts, heal bodies and calm minds.. shared by all traditions and cultures, uniquely.

Thankfully there are souls who are awake to plant medicine. Lovingly making healing blends of tea, to help us remember.. Returning us to ‘Love Tea’, in ways we have never done before.

Done consciously, this simple daily pleasure has the power to unify humanity and heal our hearts, mind, body and spirit.

Your journey to wellness and wholeness begins with ‘Love Tea’.


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